Student scientists earn honors at County Science Fair

A total of 20 high schools entered 190 projects with 22 projects advancing to State competition. STA captured six of the 22 first place positions! St. Thomas entered nine projects to Broward County and all students placed. Six of nine students received first place, one second place, one third place and one fourth place. In addition, St Thomas received with four Special Awards from four different Science, Math and Engineering groups.

First Place: (these students are advancing to States!)
Lauren Enten (Senior) – Improving Predictive Capabilities of Metastatic Breast Cancer Models Using a GRG Method.
Chad Cerutti (Junior) – The Reduction of Launch Fuel in a Simulated Gravity Driven Rocket Propulsion System
Julia Besu (Freshman) – Improving Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells Through Temperature Control
Nicole Ferrer (Senior) – Improving Vessel Safety, Stability and Fuel Efficiency with a New Flexible Trim Tab Design
Paige Pokryfke (Junior) – Stimulating Neurotransmission to Improve Standardized Test Scores
Mariam Gonzalez (Senior) – The Corrosion of Coated and Non-Coated Metals

Second Place:

Ryan Fraser (Junior) – Using Picohydrology to Create Electrical Energy from Waste Rainwater

Third Place:
Sasha Elmizadeh (Sophomore) –
Investigating the Natural Antimicrobal Properties of Jatropha curcas in Oral Hygiene


Fourth Place:

Justine Mathurin (Senior) – Testing the Efficacy of Visual pH Indication vs. Quantitative Measurement


Ryan Fraser: Maniacs Award for ingenuity of engineering design,
Ryan Fraser: Stockholm Water Prize for Environmental engineering for energy conservation with water.
Chad Cerruti: United States Metric Association award for use of mathematics in design engineering.
Lauren Enten: Mu Alpha Theta Award for Ingenious use of Mathematics in a Bio-medical application.