Student Parking

Student Parking

Thank you, in advance, for your cooperation in following the STA parking regulations. The following regulations help secure the parking areas during the school day. Please notify Mrs. Scott in the Student Activities Office of any parking problems as they occur.


  • STA student parking fee – $150.00.


  • STA campus speed limit – 5 mph, at all times.


  • Enforcement of City of Ft. Lauderdale parking regulations: ticketing and towing for curb/sidewalk parking and crosswalk/fire hydrant distance violations.


  • Secure student parking on STA grounds only:  Garage, Gym lot, and “C Lot” across from OLQM. Secure parking does NOT include the “Rock Lot” across from OLQM.


  • Parking decals: Seniors – GOLD; Juniors – BLUE; Sophomores – RED.


  • Students may not sell, transfer, or share a decal.


  • Garage 1st Floor – Faculty and Seniors ONLY; “C Lot” – Sophomores


  • Student parking on campus – unassigned and first-come basis.


  • If Garage and Gym lots fill, cars park in “C Lot.”


  • Parking fines – due within 2 weeks of posting, to the Student Activities Office; $20 late fee


  • Unpaid parking fines – student account on hold; grades withheld.


STA parking fines:

1.  Parking in a disabled space without proper disabled parking decal –  $50

2.  Excessive speed or reckless driving – $50

3.  Parking in reserved/faculty parking areas – $20

4.  Parking on the curb, in a fire lane, or right of way – $20

5.  Rear-in parking – $10

6.  Vehicle parked during the school day without decal or permission – $20


  • Keep all vehicle information current; submit new tag/vehicle information to the Student Activities Office.


  • Any vehicle parked on campus during the school day not registered in the Student Activities Office warrants ticketing.


  • The parking decal must be visible from the rear of the vehicle, bumper, or rear window at all times.


  • All vehicles must park head-in only.